Spill Response Products.

SpillSmart Absorbents.

SpillSmart is the brand industries across Australia trust when spills happen. The Absorbents range can handle a wide variety of common industrial spills on indoor and outdoor hard surfaces. This category features premium cellulose absorbents and select high-quality natural mineral absorbents. These products will take up your spill, improve safety and make a great environmental choice!

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SpillSmart Pads, Rolls, Socks, Pillows and Booms.

SpillSmart Pads, Rolls, Socks and Pillows are all highly absorbent products that provide ease of use for when leaks, drips, and spills occur. They are available in General Purpose, Hazchem and Oil Only varieties, all providing a great solution to clean up a wide variety of liquid and chemical types.

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SpillSmart Drum Cover Pads.

SpillSmart Drum Cover Pads have been designed to rapidly absorb your largest pump, dispensing and overspray messes. Whilst keeping your drum tops in ‘Tip Top’ condition, these pads will assist to prevent drips and spills from hitting the floor whilst decanting liquids and remove the need to keep messy rags on hand.

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Specialist Absorbents.

These specialist absorbents are designed to rapidly absorb, encapsulate and neutralise liquid acid and base spills. They contain a neutraliser and pH colour indicator combined with a highly absorbent polymer to safely clean up a spill preventing workplace injuries.

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Biohazard Body Fluid Absorbents.

Biohazard body fluid spills can happen anytime, anywhere and in any industry. Clean-up response needs to happen fast and safely. It may be an unpleasant process however, no one can afford the risk of viruses, bacteria or disease spreading or risk receiving an infection.

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SpillSmart SpillPlug is designed for the immediate temporary repair of a leak source, reducing clean-up costs and potential environmental impact.

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Sump Skimmers & Bilge Socks.

Perfect for soaking up unwanted oil and oil-based fluids, including lubricants and fuels in bilges, sumps and tanks leaving only the water behind.

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